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Workplace Fire Safety

Workplace Fire Safety

Fire safety in the workplace is as important as it is in the home. It is the responsibility of the employers to ensure the health and safety of their employees and each staff associated with the company. Any kind of mishap due to workplace fire not only causes deaths and injuries but also a huge economic loss. In the past there have been incidents when major fire has resulted in such huge financial loss that the organization became sick and could never be revived. If you getting shivers down your spine after reading this then quickly ensure complete fire safety regulations at your workplace. US has a long and tragic history of workplace fire. So just gear up and don't let history repeat itself over and over again.

Along with general risk assessments every organization is supposed to go for fire risk assessment as well. The employers of the company are particularly responsible for this. Such assessments enable the employers to identify the potential hazards causing factors and take appropriate steps to eliminate them and take control. Fire risk assessment will enable you to take steps to make your workplace meet every safety condition and you can prepare yourself to fight any emergency situation. As the employer you should ideally arrange for some mock fire situations whereby your employees and the staff can learn to handle an urgent situation.

There are certain many things that you should keep in mind to ensure workplace fire safety. First and foremost ensure that each workplace building has one than one means of escape. These fire exits should be at quite a distance from each other. Fire doors should not be blocked or locked at times of emergency otherwise t employees will be trapped inside the building and there will no justification for having two doors. Such exit routes and doors from the workplace buildings should free from any kind of obstruction and marked with signs.

To ensure fire safety in the workplace the most important thing that you have to do is equipping the building with numerous portable fire extinguishers. Every floor and in every nook and corner of the building should be equipped with the proper type of fire extinguisher. This helps in fighting small fires. But however when a fire takes a larger form it is best to evacuate the building as soon as possible. Each employee should be made aware of how to operate the fire extinguishers and how to alert others in such fire emergency. You should make use of only approved fire extinguishers. Proper maintenance and also inspection of such equipments are also required to be done on a regular basis.

It is the best idea in the recent times to plan emergency evacuation planning in advance for work place fire safety. Special procedures should be planned for urgent evacuation. As such big corporate houses can also arrange for special employee training for fire fighting. Fire safety regulations help companies in making arrangements for fighting small fires and also how to handle situations when they seem to go out of control. Conducting fire drills is also a very good idea. So in whatever way it be you need to do just everything possible to avoid fire in the workplace.