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Health Safety Risk Assessment - What You Should Know

Health and safety risk assessment is an important aspect of all industrial sectors today. Despite all advances in the industrial safety domain, occupational hazard is still a serious concern. Be it white collar jobs like that of a software professional or the job of an oil rig machine operator- there is rarely a job profile that does not have any job related hazard. Occupational hazards can cause material losses, and in worse cases, human injury and even fatality. If we wish to take examples, there are plenty.

Suppose you are working for a nuclear power plant. This involves lot of risk as you can be exposed to harmful radiation at any point of time. Despite all the security measures, the world has witnessed accidents like the Chernobyl and the Three Miles Island accident. So if you do not adopt measures and protective gears to avoid the harmful rays, you can end up having serious ailments. Sometimes these radiations are so strong that they can make you physically disabled for life. And in the worst possible case, even death is not unheard of. Therefore you need to identify the risk areas beforehand if you want to save yourself from this sort of disaster. Health and safety risk assessment is very crucial in this sector. This can prevent several fatal accidents. If health safety risk assessment is made before, chances are you might be able to prevent accidents to some extent at least.

If you do a workplace risk assessment beforehand it can help you in more ways than one. For instance, if you are working in an accident prone domain like the construction industry, there are numerous situations where one can face accidents. Other domains like mining industry, iron and steel industry, heavy construction industry and the chemical industry witnesses a relatively higher rate of accidents. Accidents can cause due to human error, or even malfunctioning of machines. A proper and thorough workplace risk assessment can drastically minimize the probability of an accident. If you are a decision maker, it is imperative that you conduct a proper health safety risk assessment. You will need to back up this exercise with risk assessment training modules for shop floor employees.

A typical risk assessment training module trains an employee about the various health risks that he or she may face during the course of the job. These modules also go on to train the employees various methods that can help them minimize the probability of accidents. Unfortunately, most of the decision makers in a business organization view these training modules more as an expenditure head rather than a long term investment that will lead to better employee morale and employee satisfaction.

Here are number of safety standards that have been formulated to ensure a better and safer working environment for workers. However, these safety measures are primarily followed in the organized sector. There are hundreds of thousands of workers in the unorganized sectors who miss out on these safety nets and are regularly exposed to high levels of dangers. This is particularly common in emerging economies like BRIC countries, other South East Asian countries and East European countries.